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RE: Rene Preval going for baggage check at Airport unnoticed

He is just feelling for him....he s not a criminal.... Killing man...a thief....can the other guy...the next after try that at...he will be very scare like a little... more »

RE: Chamber of Deputies concerned about Privert's intention, will not recess on May 9

Privert ap fout bay echappe presidentielle LA....bay yon president ki elu democratikman en fevrier 2017.....grenadiers a l assault...... more »

RE: Senator Andris Riche wants Jocelerme Privert out by May 14 sal four ye minm...Previert ap remet bay echappe presidentielle LA...a yon president ki elu democratikman en fevrier 2017....grenadiers a l assault..... more »

RE: Rumor of Conspiracy, Enex Jean-Charles to replace Privert

Privert te pran echappe presifentielle lan main yon president ki te elu ap remet echappe presidentielle la a yon president ki elu democratikman.....makout... more »

RE: Pressure building for the removal of President Jocelerme, should he go?

Grenadiers a l assaut....President Privert ap remet pouvoir a yon president elu democratikman me 7 fevrier fini.... more »

RE: Senator Andris Riche wants Jocelerme Privert out by May 14

Tout moun konnin Andris Riche se yon ti vicie.....jalousie ki lan corps besoin vini president tou...paske li manke vinn president.... Privert ap remet echappe... more »

RE: Laurent Lamothe and Wilson Laleau invited to Parquet

Se just Finn volo kontan yo...Finn piye pays....epi se fini....moun pa gin droit mande compte rendue....komsi sete lajan papa yo yo tap volo..yo tap piye....penitencier c tete... more »

RE: Danton Leger issued Travel interdiction to businessman Marc Antoine Acra

But Leger must act toward the big fishes...against the crooks...the thieves that had stole the country money...not just only toward the little ones.... more »

RE: U.S. Senators David Perdue, Marco Rubio and Johnny Isakson want sanctions on Haiti

Then that was normal for sweetmicky not make democratic andcfree elections happen in a timely as he spent 5 years in power. Wecwill have elections when we can do them... more »

RE: Wilson Laleau, latest to be included on Travel interdiction list

Mete tout volo...piyed pays yo Anna corde...menotter yo...kplim...Sophia...tiko saint Remy....madame duperval...manigat....lamote...mete tout volo yo Anna corde...penitencier... more »

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