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Re: Mudslides And Rainstorms Killed 13 In Haiti And Threaten Even More

Haiti Pa gin Chans We must do business differently to avoid problems like these when there is flood, mudslide of earthquake more »

Re: List Of CEP Members Not Allowed To Leave The Country

The members of the Provisional Electoral Council deserve what they get because they were involved in corruption orchestrated by Preval more »

Re: President Rene Preval Meets With President-elect Michel Martelly -...

Rene Preval is assuring his place and that is why he want to cooperate with Michel Martelly. I think the president will be put on trial for the way he managed the presidency. As... more »

Re: Official Results Of Haiti Election Delayed - Another Delay

The period of cooperation should start as soon as the new government of Michel Martelly gets into power. The Haitian government has been fighting for ever. In the meantime... more »

Re: Mass Funeral Announcement For Traditional Haitian Politician

How long do you think the Haitian population is going to wait before they start getting on the case of Michel martelly.Haitians believe the the government is responsible to give... more »

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