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RE: Haitian Wedding Tradition

Wow... Was not aware we had this tradition at all, I often thought of why us Haitians didn't have a wedding traditions. If I ever decide to have a second wedding, I would want to... more »

Re: People In Cap-Haitian Threw Stones And Bottles At Michel Martelly

With the way the county is, I think they should give the president more time to get all political party in place. Haitians are so impatient, what are they thinking...he's some... more »

Re: NGOs And Religious Organizations Selling Haitian Misery - The...

I doubt if these people had clothes to put on their children the NGO and religious organization would tell them to strip their children naked so they could take pictures of them... more »

Re: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Wants To Go Back To Haiti

I don'tsee why all over sudden they feel the need to do something for Haiti. They had that chance when they were presidents and they abused that power. more »

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