329 new graduates from University of Croix-des-Bouquets Prison

With a total of 329 inmates out of prison in Haiti, the Haitian government has 329 mouths to feed in prison. There is only one problem with these crowd just released. They are not the types of people who will be complaining about poverty and misery in Haiti. Some of them are the go getters. They will take whatever they need from the population to function. They will likely kill you if necessary or some time just for the fun of it.


The new prison escapes will not have any problem to earn a living or to prosper in an environment such as Haiti. As a matter of fact, Haiti seems to be the ideal country for them to prosper, and not an organized country such the US, Canada, etc..

So think about it, we have 329 new bandits in the streets of Haiti with little to no possibilities of returning to prison.

Something to think about

Pawol pale, pawol komprann..

Mezanmi, gin yon nouvo group of bandit ki fek gradue nan prizon civil Croix-des-Bouquets. Sa yo ki gin plis moyen yo pettet ape pati pou lot payi etranje. Min sa yo ki pa gin moyen yo ape rete nan peyi yo pou yo continye profesyo crime yo.

Mezanmi, eske ti payi-a se sel criminel ke li bay?

Kote nou ye minm?

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Subject: 329 new graduates from University of Croix-des-Bouquets Prison edit

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