A Tale of Two Countries, Cuba a failed communism and Haiti a failed capitalism

Haiti and Cuba, these two Caribbean nations are separated by the Windward Passage that lies between the easternmost region of Cuba and the northwest of Haiti. These countries are the two perfect examples of extreme political ideologies--Haiti an unsuccessful capitalism and Cuba an example of failed communism. These two countries had remained under the Spanish colonial dominance for a long time. Cuba was once a pearl in the Spanish empire in the Caribbean and Haiti is the only example in the world that got independence through a successful slave revolution.


The Cubans were the first to arrive in Haiti with medical teams after the 2010 earthquake and played a major role in treating Haiti's earthquake victims. These two countries are presently passing a year of momentous challenges through a phase of transition. Cuba is the last Latin American socialist country which is moving to a much-needed roadmap for a peaceful and productive transition from communism to capitalism and it is facing the challenge of managing an increasingly chaotic, dysfunctional economy. Haitian President Martelly and his newly elected Prime Minister Evans Paul, are moving for a peaceful Presidential and local elections before the year's end. They seem to be firm in establishing democracy and stability in the country. The U.S president Obama is taking every effort to normalize the relation and ease the U.S embargo on Cuba to give its people a better chance to transform their country. Most importantly, the lifted ban will allow the Cubans to buy U.S communication equipments. The new regulations will allow U.S media networks a right of independent broadcast to Cuba. It is a long recognized fact that information is the key to change in Cuba. Cuba has one of the lowest internet penetration in the world. The Americans will provide business training for the private entrepreneurs. President Raul Castro has taken a big challenge. He is determined to continue the reform process without the fear of losing power.

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Subject: A Tale of Two Countries, Cuba a failed communism and Haiti a failed capitalism edit

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