Signs and symptoms of Copper fish - Fish Poisoning Tips

Copper fish poisoning, caused by the ciguatoxin algae, traveling up the food chain from plant-eating to flesh-eating fish, enters the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea and vomiting. It next attacks the brain, producing symptoms like muscle aches, numbness, vertigo, headaches, ataxia, paresthesia, and hallucinations.


Ciguatoxin is difficult to treat. It may clear up on its own or hang on for years. Drugs can manage symptoms, but no definitive cure exists. While in its active state, ciguatoxin must run its course, and care-givers are an important part of the support phase. Once the acute phase of the sickness has passed, medications can treat symptoms of sluggish circulation and piercing chest pains.

Channel-blocker drugs are used to widen arterial walls that have narrowed due to cramping. Neurologically, the nervous system synapses run a risk of sodium channels being opened. If that happens, paralysis, heart contractions, and numbness could follow. Channel blockers are also used to reduce this risk, as well as fatigue and paresthesia, but no guarantee exists it will work for everyone.

The best treatment plan for dealing with ciguatoxin is steroidal use and doses of vitamins. This method will assist in the body's recovery efforts, but cannot lower ciguatoxin levels. There have been promising studies done on a drug called Mannitol in reversing ciguatoxin symptoms, followed by further studies in animals and humans with positive results. But further clinical testing has revealed no appreciable difference exists between Mannitol and ordinary saline solution. Since then Mannitol is no longer prescribed.

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