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Copper fish are most often associated with a poisonous form of algae, ciguatera. Ciguatera flourishes on coral reefs as well as on benign forms of algae. The ciguatera toxin, ciguatoxin is most often found in tropical waters in places like the Caribbean. Once the toxin has reached the top of the food chain, fish now carrying ciguatoxin end up as the family's dinner. What makes ciguatera so difficult to recognize is it has no odor, taste, and is unable to be dissipated through normal cooking methods.


Ciguatera poisoning is often mistaken as multiple sclerosis. Patients go to the medical clinic with a host of symptoms, both gastrointestinal and neurological. Symptoms initially manifest in the gastrointestinal tract as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Then the ciguatoxin travels to the brain, producing muscle aches, numbness, vertigo, headaches, ataxia, paresthesia, and hallucinations.

The ciguatoxin can also be transmitted sexually. If the sexual partner has contracted ciguatoxin, it may be passed along to their partner. Ciguatoxin migrates even into a mother's breast milk. Babies, who have been breast-fed by infected mothers, exhibit diarrhea and facial rashes.

Ciguatoxin displays in a variety of ways. In short-term incidents, ciguatoxin may take hold for only a few weeks. But in more serious cases, it has been known to last as long as two decades. Sometimes recovery will happen gradually, or will remain in a latent state and reappear unexpectedly. Many kinds of precursors can cause a relapse including noxious fumes, exercise, and consumption of certain foods, as well as alcohol.

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