Barriere Bouteille in Cap-Haitian Painted in Pink, falling into Political Propaganda

Barriere Bouteille or the three Booths at southern entrance of Cap-Haitian were found painted in pink which is the official color of the government of Michel Martelly.


What is next?

Will we see soon a new and improved pink Citadelle Laferrière? while we are at it, why not the Sans Souci Palace?

According to some witnesses, they woke up one day and saw the three booths of Barriere Bouteille painted in pink with no explanation what so ever.

Moun Okap Kote nou Ye!

According to the Institute for the Protection of National Heritage (ISPAN), the three booths at the entrance of the Haitian second city of Cap-Haitian were last rebuilt under the government of Paul Eugène Magloire. They are located in the neighborhood of Barriere Bouteille.

These booths made of heavy bricks and natural cement were strategically placed at the entrance of Cap-Haitian to allow the National Army to control the ins and outs of the city. They have become to represent a symbol for the city and since 1995 has been classified as a national heritage and history of Haiti.

Barriere Bouteuille or the Three Booths are the first thing visitors see when entering the city of Cap-Haitian. Since 1995 the city of Cap-Haitian is classified as a national heritage of Haiti.

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Ba Yo Sa Yo Merite says...

Tout bagay an roz an Haiti.

Kat Roz
Kit Manje yap bay yo an Roz.
Kidnaping an Roz.
Koripsyon An Roz.
Haiti Is Open for Bussiness.

Haiti is open for Pink

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Michael L says...

Ah Moin pa Pou Pierre ni Pou jack, min Sa a Nou ka we se pa presidan an ki fel, min Sa a Moin dako avek joceline ki di
I think this is the job of the opposition.

Paske martely konnin bien kiles kAp anmerdel ...

Se Pou tet Sa Moin di li patat pran initiative Sa

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Tia says...

I cannot believe this...Haitians are destroying the country like seriously they need to grow up, put their differences apart, and work together because if they don't Haiti is going to be at the bottom of the ocean

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Joceline J says...

I think this is the job of the opposition.

Why would the government do something like this because they know it would not be taken well by the public.

I see the hands of Moise Jean Charles and his footprint all over this action.

He probably paid some of his gangs to go at night and pain these just to blame the

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Nazon says...

This is going too far. The government is at the bottom of all that. This government is really not looking for peace.

It is trying to keep the country in a KO status so that they can empty the public treasure

Will we keep these things to take place.

So far, I see the students fighting

The Haitians radios are not talking.

They have the policy of saying just the

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