Assassination of Faculty of Law and Economics student Damael d'Haiti

The Haiti government has vowed to give justice to the death of Damael d'Haiti, a student at the Faculty of Law and Economics who were reportedly assassinated on Saturday.


The authorities have yet to clarify what really happened but allegations were made that a police officer, who is also a student at the university, killed Damael. According to reports, Damael and police officer Maceus Pierre Paul had a conflict during a party organized by the university for new students. This might have led to the death of the 24-year-old but the National Police Haiti (PNH) are still investigating the incident.

Upon finding out about the crime, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe assured university officials, as well as the victim's family and friends, that justice will be served. He said that every measure will be taken to find out what happened and to punish the person responsible for the death of Damael d'Haiti.

PNH spokesman Frantz Lerebours, on the other hand, emphasized that the police are doing their best to gather more data and information about the incident. He also clarified that Maceus was unlikely to have used a PNH weapon against the victim and that he probably left his post to attend the party.

Many students recently launched a protest as they demand for justice for Damael d'Haiti. They barricaded an area near Avenue Christophe and the Faculty of Law. The Council of the State University of Haiti, meanwhile, also condemned the killing, saying that such a crime is unacceptable and should be addressed immediately. The council proposed the formation of a commission that will help in the investigation, as well as a board of lawyers that will look after the victim's family.

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