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Brother Franklin Armand and Brother Auxillian of Community of the Incarnation (COI) established Little Brothers and Sisters of the Incarnation Orphanage in 1976. Their mission has been to minister to Haiti's peasant class. Called upon in 2010 to provide shelter and food for displaced children of the earthquake, the two siblings gave them a safe place, clothed, and educated them.


The brothers have also built several private schools, a healthcare facility, a vocational- training institute, and an agriculture school. The cost to educate agriculture students is exorbitant by Haitian standards, $2,000 per student annually. And yet the brothers manage to keep it going, with about one-third of funding coming from the European Union, and the rest from GOH and international-aid donors.

Recently Team Haiti visited the school of Brother Franklin Armand to learn about the agriculture school's program. Observing an agronomy class, they watched students planting seed beds with carrots, radishes, melons, and cucumber seeds, or tending sprouting gardens.

COI's website is an outreach effort to educate the public on their mission and programs. But it goes further than that. COI informs visitors about the state of education in Haiti. Public education comprises only 10% of the education infrastructure, and GOH inadequately funds it. It provides more funding to private schools that make up 90% of the education system.

COI fills the gap for many children of the peasant class. At their agriculture school, Brother Franklin Armand school prepares agronomy students by making ownership of a plot of land and passing the final exam prerequisites for graduation.

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Carla Bluntschli says...

I am wondering if you could give me any contact information for Brother Armand.

I live and work in Haiti and am helping an earthquake camp that has bought land very close to Brother Armand's place there outside of Hench.

thank you,

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