Business and Labor Regulation in Haiti

With a new approach to new businesses, the Haitian government hopes that doing business in the country will be easier and more efficient. The government has been taking steps in adjusting the country's business system with a new proactive approach. It aims to help smooth out the process of starting a business in Haiti, as well as attract more investors to boost the economy. Unnecessary bureaucratic requirements that prolong the process of doing a business will also be scrapped with the new approach.


This approach applies to industrial and commercial companies that employ a maximum of 50 workers. The companies that have a capital that is 10 times Haiti's per-capita gross national income are the ones covered in this approach.

Businesses in Haiti are also required to comply with labor regulations. This is to ensure that workers are protected and compensated well. One of the labor regulations requires employees to render 48 hours of services per week. Moreover, employees must receive at least the minimum wage set by the government, while companies are obliged to register their workers at the State Tax Income Office. Employers must also set aside contributions to Social Security, Accidental Coverage and Workers Compensation programs. When it comes to hiring foreign workers, employers have to get a permit from the Minister of Labor before allowing foreigners to work for them. Companies are also required to strictly follow health and safety regulations to avoid any problems and accidents that can affect the lives of employees and customers.

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