Business Etiquette In Haiti - Is Punctuality Necessary?

Haitians do not follow the "clock time," meaning that being late is not that uncommon among them. As a matter of fact, being late in a business meeting isn't considered rude at all. What they see as rude is if you arrive too early. This is because Haitians follow the Caribbean time. They do not say "9am sharp." Rather, they say "around 9am." However, Haitians can still be punctual as long as they were ordered to come exactly at the given time. But in regular cases, being late is not a big deal.


Haiti Business Etiquette

The same goes with business meetings. However, if you will be late for several hours or if you will be unable to come to the scheduled meeting, you have to notify the company or the person you are meeting with. It is proper to make a call and reschedule the meeting than to not show up without any notice.

Another thing to remember when going on a meeting is to dress properly. You have to look as professional as possible. Keep in mind that shorts are not appropriate for business meetings. Men often dress in slacks and a shirt and tie, while women go for pants suits or skirt and blazer. You should also greet business associates with a handshake and give them your business card before the start of the meeting. Doing all these can help you build a good reputation and image. Business associates would see you as a professional who is devoted to his/her job and is really interested in the discussion.

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