Development Boom Predicted Along Haiti-Dominican Border

On Monday, April 13, 2015, Juan B. Vicini, the executive of the Vicini Group has said that his group has identified some potential areas for investment valuing around $ 3.00 billion on projects based in several strategic locations along the Haitian and Dominican border areas. He has said that Vicini Group may invest in renewable energy and agro based business projects in the border area, including the Manzanillo port in Montecristi province, Lake Azuey and the Artibonite river basin.


The port is an excellent place for investment because it is the closest point to the US Eastern Seaboard that requires nominal investment to develop but has a great probability of yielding high returns. Vicini Group is trying to create an opulence in the area with investment so that it becomes an attractive spot for everyone to live and invest.

In a radio interview on "Sol de la Mañana" he has said, for inviting stakeholders, his group will announce several projects for Haiti through universities and other organizations. The people living in the project areas will be given opportunity to participate in the development. Developing the border area would give the Dominican Republic a good chance to help its neighbor to grow through investment and employment. Practically, both the neighbors will be mutually benefited from this endeavor.

Vicini is a family of the Dominican Republic of Italian origin. Juan Vicini comes from the third generation of family Vicini, one of Dominican Republic's most influential families and investors. Vicini also heads a group of Dominican and Haitian investors who meet to plan and develop joint projects along the Haiti-Dominican border. Earlier, the Dominican mogul Juan Vicini donated $500,000 on projects for the benefit of Haiti's most vulnerable groups.

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