Haitian Government, Private Sector, How to Revamp the Economy

After Haiti was torn apart by the earthquake in January 2012, the Haitian government and the private sector joined hands to make the country stand back on its feet and grow. To start with, a meeting between the representatives of the private sector, the government and Inter-American Development Bank was held as a part of a broader process of attracting international aid for reconstructing and developing the key sectors of Haiti through a New York meet that was held on 31st March, 2010.


In the meeting, the Prime Minister of Haiti thanked local private sector, foreign investors and international agencies for coming forward and said that modernization and rebuilding of Haitian economy largely depends on financing from both local and foreign private firms.

After noting that the earthquake erased the divisions between business communities of Haiti, Haitian Private Sector Forum's coordinator spoke of his vision of Haiti as a dynamically growing and modern economy with prosperous middle class, tax paying and job creating businesses and an equally efficient public sector. Delegations from foreign business groups also attended the meeting. An insight was provided about the impediments to Haiti's growth during the opening ceremony and later, the participants actively participated in different workshops aimed towards finding solutions to different problems. Some of the problems that were common to various sectors and were addressed were:
• Private and public sector synergy.
• Improving infrastructure of Haiti.
• Decentralization of concentrated economic activities in Port-au-Prince.
• Protection of investors' rights.

The participants of the meeting concluded that Haitian Private Sector and Haitian Government could improve the private investment condition in all key sectors, it can lead to numerous job opportunities and competitiveness can improve.

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