Mohammed Yunus with Brazil Foods (BRF), to develop Haiti poultry industry

Brazil Foods (BRF), food-industry behemoth, has seeded the start-up of a poultry-processing plant in Haiti. They have finished conducting a study to find out if it's feasible to genetically engineer poultry to produce a meatier bird.


Specialist in supply-side economics, Mohammed Yunus, told delegates at the Social Business and Corporate Investment Conference BRF and his non-profit, Grameen, have forged a partnership to produce genetically-engineered poultry.

Grameen Bank, the non-profit's financing arm, will offer micro-financing to small businesses interested in genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). In the project's first phase, BRF will build a centralized processing center for genetically-engineered poultry.

BRF profits will develop poultry franchises throughout Haiti. Their intent is that ". . . Haitian people have a supply of better quality . . ." And Yunus wants ". . . to eradicate poverty . . ."

BRF kept the project under wraps until after the deal was sealed, due to the uproar over Monsanto's involvement with GMOs in the U.S.

To subject animals used as a food source to growth hormones is a cruel practice, and it is done to lower the cost of mass production. The birds are not allowed to develop in a biologically natural way, and extra weight obstructs their mobility severely.

Both BRF and Yunus are blood-sucking leeches, only interested in profits. It doesn't matter how those profits are achieved, what harm is inflicted on helpless creatures, or how GMOs affect human biology. BRF and Grameen are despicable and should be fined heavily and put out of business.

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