National Bank of Credit (BNC) launched new banking service, lajanCash

Haitian cell-phone users will now have access to online financial activities via an e-purse product, LajanCash. A French software developer, Tag Attitude, has developed the software that will permit users access to their bank accounts. They will have the ability to pay rent, bills, and groceries online. Tag Attitude is working with Central Bank to create policies for all online transactions.


LajanCash is the newest bank product offered by National Credit Bank (NCB), bringing it into the 21st century of information-technology banking. No matter what cell-phone brand the user owns, LajanCash can be used on it. The idea behind LajanCash is to move massive aggregations of users online to engage in commerce activities. This opportunity for consumers to join online banking communities will attract more choices to increase consumer satisfaction.

NCB Board Chairman, Jean-Philippe Vixamar, stresses benefits of not only easy accessibility and features consumers will warm to, but an end to security concerns. If the LajanCash user should lose their phone, any money on it will not be compromised.

LajanCash changes actual money, held in an account, into electronic currency to enable online consumption of goods and services. Five million SIM cards, currently installed on cell phones, suggest the banking sector's potential for growth, allowing it to offer newer products and services to LajanCash users. In the Information Age, the more banks can encourage consumers to live their financial lives online, the more new products and services will help increase their living standards.

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Subject: National Bank of Credit (BNC) launched new banking service, lajanCash edit

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