Oswan Brandt, One of the Richest families in Haiti

Oswals Brandt is one of the historical rich elite of Haiti. He traces his origin in Jamaica. He was born in Trelawny, a parish in Cornwall County in northwest Jamaica.


Haiti Elite Class

Born on October 20, 1890, Oswals Brandt is son to John William Brandt and Esther Mathilda Becker.

He got married to a woman by the name Therese Barthe who bore him six children.

Oswald Brandt has great importance in Haitian history. His and others like; Madsen, Lacombe, Gardere, Mevs and Bigio have remained to be the richest families in Haiti.

He was an enabling factor in the establishment of several things in Haiti. It is believed that the rich of his days worked together with the US government to bring a revolution in Haiti.

It is also shown in various reports that the rich acquired their wealth by aligning themselves with dictatorial governance that prevailed in Haiti.

On 24 Mar 1976, Oswald Brandt passed away in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

His family is held with high esteem to date and it still remains in Haiti's top class.

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