Western Union to enable Haitians to access government payments

The Haitian government has announced that, through the Western Union, the issuing of badly needed government payments, used to meet the needs of the poor through programs for schools and universities, the handicapped and over 200,000 people, will finally be more readily accessible to those in the dreaded 'last mile'.


At first, the service will make funds available to the needy through their more than 600 locations across the country. They also will give technical assistance to assist with payment delivery and plan to offer other options for distributing funds through bank accounts, prepaid cards and mobiles.

The aim is to get funds into the hands of people who need it. Ede Pep (Help People) is the Haitian umbrella program offering aid in areas such as education, and to the elderly and the handicapped. However, the remoteness of some areas made it difficult for the populous to take advantage of it. Through the expansive reach of the Western Union infrastructure, and their willingness to partner with the program, the government can show the integral part international businesses can have in restoring Haiti through development in the long-term.

The Western Union, who's also pledged to give support of a technical nature to Ekol Gratis, the free education program, offers their world leading payment services in Haiti through a network including banks, independent business locations and retail chains. It's already in the business of getting money into hands all across the world, and with its expansive foothold into Haiti and its far-reaching presence into remote communities, it is in an ideal position to help the government bridge the gap between its programs and the people who need them.

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