Business Etiquette In Haiti - Dining With Professionals

There might come a time that you will have dinner with Haitian clients or business associates. When this happens, make sure that you know the table etiquette that Haitians carefully observe. Remember that Haitians take dining etiquette very seriously because it is an honor for them to invite people to their table. What more if you are dining with business partners and clients, right?


Haiti Business Etiquette

First of all, do not go to a dinner and social event in a casual dress. Make sure to dress properly. Avoid wearing jeans and rubber shoes. Instead, show up in a semi-formal attire. If it is a high-end event, make sure that you follow the dress code. In case you do not know the dress code, it is advisable to ask the hosts rather than show up in just about any attire.

Second, do not eat before the host says "Bon appetite!." It is like a tradition to them that the host has to say the phrase to signal the start of the meal. Haitians follow the French when it comes to the use of utensils. The knife is held by the right hand, while fork is in the left hand. Never put down the utensils for a prolonged period of time if you are still eating because it indicates that you are done with your meal. It is polite to agree to a second serving but do not take a third one as you might appear a glutton.

These are only some of the things one must know when having dinner with business associates. Knowing this will help you exude a good and impressive image.

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