Business Etiquette In Haiti - How Haitians Negotiate

Business negotiations among Haitians can be loud and dramatic. This is because Haitian professionals enter into negotiations head on. They are animated and they do everything they can to get the best deal. As a matter of fact, it is common for Haitians to haggle over almost everything that involves money.


Haiti Business Etiquette

Some Haitian professionals tend to act as if they were offended by the offered deal so that they can negotiate the price. More often than not, the one that dominates the negotiation proceedings win. Haitian businessmen are also not used to using direct words and sentences to convey their thoughts and feelings. They usually make use of parables to express what they want. This is why foreign business people have to be patient when dealing with Haitian professionals. Otherwise, it could lead to conflicts. The use of harsh and offensive language during negotiations will never produce good results and this is why both sides should avoid it.

Negotiations are an important aspect of business dealings. Through these, companies and businessmen can reach an agreement in which both parties can benefit. Without proper negotiations, a business deal is hard to get. This is the reason why businessmen should have excellent negotiation and communication skills, which they can use in getting the best deal there is. Keep in mind that negotiating with different kinds of people can be hard but as long as businessmen know and understand their differences when it comes to culture and business preferences, it will be easier to reach a mutual agreement.

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