Casal with its Polish influence

Casal is a small Haitian city located in the North American region and has a very small population. Port-au-Prince, Carrefour and Guantanamo are the major cities that can be found close to Casal. Casal has a significant Polish influence and many people are baffled by the fact that Poland and Casal are not close to each other and yet, Casal has a huge Polish influence. This revolution can however be traced back to the era of Haitian Revolution.


It was during 1802 when Napoleon arrived with his army at Saint Domingue to take care of the slave rebellion. The army consisted of Polish legion. Napoleon dispatched 5200 Polish soldiers for Saint Domingue to suppress the revolt. Upon arrival, these Polish soldiers found that it was not the rebellion mentioned by Napoleon but was actually a slave revolt in which the slaves were fighting for their freedom.

It was during that time, there was a similar situation in Poland. Poland was under attack by Austria, Prussia and Russia and Polish soldiers were fighting for liberation and freedom for their own country. This led them to join Napoleon from France but under the condition that Polish soldiers will have a different identity. So, in Saint Domingue, when the Polish legion found the truth, they joined the Haitian Revolution and fought by their side. In 1804 when Haiti earned freedom, these Polish soldiers never left and settled in Casal and nearby cities.

During the Duvalier regime of terror, Casal turned out to be the thriving place for communism and many people stood against Duvalier's regime. In 1969 Francois Duvalier or Papa Doc built a 10huge barricade all around Casal with the aid of Tonton Macoute and ruthlessly murdered many young intellectuals in Casal who opposed the dictatorship of Duvalier.

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