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Casal with its Polish influence

Casal is a small Haitian city located in the North American region and has a very small population. Port-au-Prince, Carrefour and Guantanamo are the major cities that can be found close to Casal. Casal has a significant Polish influence and many people are baffled by the fact that Poland and Casal are not close to each other and yet, Casal has a huge Polish influence. This revolution can however be traced back to the era of Haitian Revolution.

It was during 1802 when Napoleon arrived with his army at Saint Domingue to take care of the slave rebellion. The army consisted of Polish legion. Napoleon dispatched 5200 Polish soldiers for Saint Domingue to suppress the revolt. Upon arrival, these Polish soldiers found that it was not the rebellion mentioned by Napoleon but was actually a slave revolt in which the slaves were fighting for their freedom.

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Casal, Halti

Welcome to Polonia, a country within a country most of the world has never heard of. This is mainly because Polonia is not a real country, it is the name given to the section of Haiti's Diaspora that includes the descendants of Polish legionnaires who fought for the country's independence during the revolutionary war. The section of the country where most of these descendants still live, viewed as the Polish Haiti, is Casal. With a small population, Casal and its inhabitants remained largely obscure for many years. But, recently, curiosity about the blue-eyed Haitians that live there have shined the spotlight on the small city.

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The Polish Tribe on Haiti, Poland Haiti Connection

In 1804, when Haiti boldly announced their independence 5,200 legions from Poland came to the country at the behest of French ruler Napoleon, in an attempt to suppress this bid for independence. The righteous zeal of the liberating Haitians was not to be controlled, and many Poles, who reportedly fought only half-heartedly against a country expressing the same dream of freedom as their own mother country, perished in the revolution, though the greater number of their perished 4000 succumbed to yellow fever.

Faced with the high mortality of their countrymen as they fought for a side they didn't agree with, the survivors left Napoleon and joined the Haitian struggle. They became well-loved and were included in the 1805 constitution. Articles 12 and 13 submit that the only white men allowed to hold land in Haiti besides Germans, who already had a small settling, were the Poles.

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Polish contribution to the Independence of Haiti

FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND OURS' was the banner under which the Polish fought for the independence of their country and others used to the rule of oppressive empires. The shared story of Poland and Haiti began even before the poles set sail for the country to fight against the rebels under Napoleon. After aiding the United States in their independence, Poland created Europe's first democratic constitution in 1791. This action led to an attack a year later by Russia, Austria and Prussia, who sought to dismantle Poland's nascent democracy.

Come 1796, Napoleon, seeking men for his army, offered freedom back to Poland. Millions joined with him and became the Polish Legions. But it was not a promise Napoleon kept as, upon attaining victory, he set up Grand Dutch of Warsaw, a mere fifth of the true Polish Republic.

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