How the City Of Belladere was Establishment

If not for former Haiti President Durmasais Estime, the city of Belladere would not probably exist now. Estime was instrumental in forming the city in 1948, when it became an established city in the Lascahobas Arrondisement. Belladere is composed of three communes namely Riaribes, Mathe-Renthe and Riaribes.


Belladere, Haiti

What some people do not know is that the city of Belladere has Spanish roots. As a matter of fact, its name is coined from a Spanish word meaning "to guard" or "to post." The city also bridges Haiti and the Dominican Republic as it lies near the border of the Dominican city of Elias Pina. People pass this border to get to the neighboring city, where they look for jobs.

One bad thing about Belladere is the condition of its roads, which give travelers and motorists a difficult time. The roads are in poor condition and this is why many passengers use tap-tap buses, trucks and donkeys for transportation.

More than 78,000 people live in Belladere, which is also called as the "cream of the Central Plateau." It gained that nickname for its strategic location in the country's Center Department. The city also boasts of natural beauty and abundance. This might also be the reason why Belladere is rich in agricultural products.

The city's market is actually popular the residents, who are into Belladere's agricultural goods such as coffee, fruits and groundnuts. When it comes to fertile lands, Belladere has a lot to offer. Its fertile land allows its farmers to grow crops and harvest quality agriculture produce.

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