The Haitian town of Cerca Cavajal

Cerca Cavajal is a city-ship in the Hinche Arrondissement, part of Centre Division in Haiti. A small town located in the hinterlands, it has 40,000 residents. Cerca Cavajal's remoteness is magnified by difficult terrain a traveler must navigate to get there. A trek across a limestone path on the embankment of a barren valley is necessary to reach it. Streams along the way contaminated with debris, are the only source of drinking water for people and work animals. Cholera bacteria lurks in the water, and the absence of cholera anti-prevention kits perpetuates high rates of infection.


Cerca Cavajal, Haiti

Cerca Cavajal is over-run by poverty, an underdeveloped community, whose quality of life falls way below the norm of other Haitian cities. It lacks electricity and its housing material consists of adobe, mud bricks, and cheap wood.

With diseases infecting people such as malaria, tuberculosis, and gastrointestinal illnesses, the population is in dire need of medical intervention. One group doing remarkable work in prevention and treatment of infectious diseases is the Cuban Brigade Medical Team. They have reduced the rate of cholera cases by 23%.

With money and resources pouring in from international donors to other afflicted parts of Haiti, Cerca Cavajal should not be ignored. A broad coalition of foundations and aid organizations pooling its resources to serve areas like Cerca Cavajal is key to getting Haiti back on its feet since the 2010 earthquake destroyed it. No community should be underserved, especially one like Cerca Cavajal.

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