Community Policing Unit of Haiti National Police (PNH)

After a commencement ceremony scheduled to be held at the end of June 2013, 40 new community law enforcement officers will be unleashed in Delmas, Port-au-Prince. This comes after the weeding out of 150 hopefuls after a 2012 recruitment process to find potential members of the Haitian National Police's (PNH) first Community Policing Unit.


Community policing exists on the belief that collaboration between the police, individuals and organizations within a community can lead to the eventual, if not immediate, controlling of issues of social disorder, crime and the fear of crime. In Haiti, the particular wish is to bring the population, at least for now that of Delmas, closer to the PNH and create a more trusting relationship.

The future members of this community squad have been training since the middle of April, in sessions hosted by instructors from local police and Haitian-American teachers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) in the fields of Community Policing, Stress Management, Rural Law, Disciplinary Regulations, Defensive Driving Tactics, Human Rights, Ethics, Stenography, Oral and Media Communications and Shooting Techniques.

The components of community policing are community partnership, which includes the media, government agencies, private businesses, nonprofits and service providers and community members and groups. There is also organizational transformation, which deals with the management methods that give support to the group. Lastly, there is problem solving which involves identifying, prioritizing and eventually solving problems.

Whether the practice will move farther afield than Delmas has yet to be seen as the 40 trainees will not be on duty until after their graduation. There is, however, considerable hope for the improvement of police/civilian relations because of the bridge the Community Policing Unit will create.

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