Court of Auditors Fulfills 30% Quota with Three Women Members

Chair Senator Steven Benoit of the Senatorial Commission oversaw the review of 34 applicants for positions as Councillors of the Superior Courts of Auditors (CSC/CA). The current CSC/CA's terms expired last July 2013. The deaths of Councillors Lionel Bernard and Guy Manigat had reduced the auditing body to eight members rather than the required 10.


The review, including hearings, took two weeks to finish, and the CSC/CA now contains eight new and two re-appointed members. The re-appointed members are President Nonie Mathieu and Advisor Henriette Arol Elijah. The remaining new members are Robert Fritz, Jean Joseph, Just Monprevil, France Mondesir, Mehu Neltha, Marie Fethiere, Rogavil Boisguene, and Volmar Desmessyeux. Member of the Commission, Joycelerme Privert, explained the re-appointment of two CSC/CA members as a way to retain a sense of continuity and help orient the new members to the requirements and duties of CSC/CA.

Senator Benoit was pleased to learn the amendment of the Haiti Constitution, requiring a 30% quota of women be appointed to public office, was fulfilled. Three out of the ten members of the Court of Auditors are women. The term of service for members of the CSC/CA is ten years.

The duties of the CSC/CA are to facilitate disagreements between government officials and the Haitian government. The CSC/CA is also tasked with making certain accountants, officers, and public officials are appropriately dispensing public funds, and are fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities in relation to legislature signed into law.

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Subject: Court of Auditors Fulfills 30% Quota with Three Women Members edit

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