Croix Des Bouquets and The 2010 Earthquake impact

The residential town of Croix Des Bouquets in the Ouest Department used to be clean, peaceful and glamorous. Even if a deadly earthquake rattled the entire country in 2010, Croix Des Bouquets retained its glamour as it was not as affected as the capital of Port-au-Prince. However, the aftermath of the earthquake eventually became destructive and detrimental to Croix Des Bouquets.


As survivors fled Port-au-Prince to seek shelter in other towns and cities, refugees thronged to Croix Des Bouquets. This resulted in a period of chaos, as people continued to come to the town. People began setting up tents for shelters and merchants started to scatter all around. This made the town untidy and unruly, which was such a waste because a lot of developmental programs have been done in the area to keep it clean, peaceful and orderly.

However, several non-profit organizations have come to the town's rescue. They have been rolling out programs to help Croix Des Bouquets return to the way it was before the earthquake. Among the projects being implemented in the town are focused on education, security, business, health and peace, among others.

The contribution these non-profit organizations are making to the town's development is important because it would be regretful if Croix Des Bouquets will not be rehabilitated. The town is known for its rich culture. It boasts of excellent and remarkable iron sculptures, as many inhabitants are into art production. Mallets and chisels are the primary tools used by town artists. Given all this, it is best for the town to bring back its former glory.

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