Ganthier And Its Tourism Potential

If there is one place in Haiti where tourists may want to visit, it can be the town of Ganthier in the Arrondissement of Croix-des-Bouquets. The town has a lot of great stuff to offer to tourists. It is known for the production of Haiti arts such as crafts, handiworks and others. There is actually a tourist shop where people can buy souvenirs. Tourists are also fond of Ganthier's environs, as well as the l'étang Saumâtre located near by.


In addition to the regular tourists flocking the city are the pilgrims who arrive every year. Thousands of natives and pilgrims come to Ganthier to visit a holy site called the Calvaire Miracle. Most of the pilgrims are Catholic and Voodoo followers who pray and wish to get rid of their problems and start a new life. In order to signify the challenges and burden they carry, the pilgrims hold stones over their heads.

Another good thing for tourists is the condition of roads in Ganthier. The roads are basically in good condition. Even during rainy season, the roads can be traveled on. The only problem is that some parts of the city are dirt roads and others have potholes. But all in all, the city's road construction is way better than in other towns. Air travel may also pose difficulties to tourists because the city does not have its own airport yet. The international airport in Port-au-Prince is a 25-kilometer drive.

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