Dessalines went to visit Petion as demonstrators made rare trip to Petion-Ville

This is the phrase that I have been hearing all this week regarding the protest that took place last Thursday in Petion-Ville where several thousands of people were asking for the removal of President Michel Martelly from office. Actually the notion "Dessalines visiting Petion" was used to refer to the Race issue in Haiti once again. In a sense, Dessalines represents the Black, poor, uneducated Haitians while Petion, represents the elite, mulato, educated, affluent Haitians.


The anti-government protest got out of control after demonstrators made a rare trip to Petionville. Some opposed to the demonstration threw stones at the marcher and Police fired tear gas to break it.

Unfortunately race and class are the usual issues that comeback over and over again whenever we have to deal with real problems such as lack of job, healthcare, government services and having 1 percent of the population controlling 99 percent of the wealth.

The problem of "Ti Rouge", Ti Noir", Mulato, Black", "Moun Anro, Moun Anba", is back again. It is a subject often exploited by politicians and others alike to divide the Haitian society. I can assure you that division is the last thing we need, considering our current deplorable economic, social and health condition

I just have one quick question:

Are we still using the term" "Moun Anro, Moun Anba"?

Think for a moment where "Jalousie" slum is located. It is located in the hills above Petion-Ville.

We might want to start looking for a term more accurate!

Video of Protest last week:

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Subject: Dessalines went to visit Petion as demonstrators made rare trip to Petion-Ville edit

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