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Jack Guy Lafontant called racist for statement about Petion-ville and Kenskoff

Outgoing Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant is being called a racist by former Haiti Prime Minister Evans Paul and Deputy Jerry Tardieu regarding his as they see it, derogatory, inadequate, anti-democratic and racist statements. This took place at the Tribune of the Chamber of Deputies as he was announcing his resignation.

According to Mr. Evans Paul, the resigning Prime Minister stigmatized an entire sector of the Haitian population, namely the people from Pétion-ville or Kenskoff, whom he estimates are not entitled to be involved in politic. The Deputy of Petion-Ville, Jerry Tardieu went even further by calling these statements, discriminatory and racist.

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The City Of Petion-Ville, Founded By Boyer on September 22, 1831

John-Pierre Boyer was the founding father of the city of Petion-Ville. He was the president of Haiti between 1818 and 1843. He was one of the notable leaders of the Haitian revolution. On 22 September 2011, he founded the city of Petion Ville in the eastern suburbs of Port au Prince. He named the city after his predecessor, President Alexandre Sabes Petion.

Alexandre Petion was one of the founding fathers of Haiti and first president of the Republic of Haiti. The city at that time was in no way comparable to its current status. Guarded mansions of Petionville looks like a Haitian version of Beverly Hills. Here you can find everything that expect to find in any international city.

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Former candidate Jean Marie Liphete, shot dead in Petion-Ville

Jean Marie Liphete, who is a former Candidate for Deputy in Petit-Trou-de-Nippes under the banner PONT was shot to dead in Petion-Ville on Friday, May 27, 2016. Liphete who never accepted defeat received a little bit over 43 percent of the votes during the last election and lost to Claude Luc Guillaume from Renmin Ayiti who received 56%.

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Yo tire Kandida Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand a mo nan Petion-Ville

Kandida a pou Depite nan Sainte-Suzanne ki nan Nord Est Depatman te mouri apre li te frape pa yon bal nan yon lokalite ki rele Well-Blam nan Petion-Ville jodi 7 desanm 2015. Li te gen 32 ane. Césaire Cheristin Ferdinand ki te yon Ansyen pèsonalite Radyo, yo te konnen li pi bye kòm Mass Design. Li te travay pou Planet Kreyol and Scoop FM. Li te ap kouri pou depite nan Sainte-Suzanne anba banyè OPL.


Candidate Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand shot dead in Petion-Ville

The candidate for Deputy of Sainte-Suzanne in the Nord Est Department is dead after he was hit by a bullet in the locality of Well-Blam in Petion-Ville on December 7, 2015. The Former Radio personality who is better known as Mass Design was 32 years old.

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Police under strict order to prevent a Major protest from reaching Petion-Ville.

Several thousands of people were once again in the streets to demand the annulment of the last election in Haiti. One thing that is different this time they are now in favor of a transitional government to replace the current Martelly-Paul Government. So far, no incident of violence has been reported; however it is not certain this will remain. The crowd is as we speak is heading straight to confrontation with Police. The protesters are heading to the CEP local in Petion-Ville. We learned that that Police received orders not to let the protest reach the CEP local in Petion-Ville.

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Petion-Ville Best Western Luxury Hotel's Successful Launch

The Best Western Premier Hotel in Petion-Ville is enjoying a successful first year. Opened in April 2013, its occupancy rate has averaged over 70%. Corporate travelers make up approximately 85% of accommodations, and are pleased Port-au-Prince can offer them a first-class experience.

Regional Director for Best Western, Tom Osborn, reports operations have had a few bumps in the road, generally with training the staff. But he added this is to be expected, and has not harmed the brand, because media coverage has been positive, especially in regards to the indigenous art incorporated into the hotel's amenities.

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New Hotel Villa Therese Hotel in Petion-Ville

Haiti can boast some of the best looking hotels within the region, a feat made even more impressive following the slow, though admirably steady, state of recovery after the 2010 earthquake. With the opening of the new Villa Therese Hotel, the country is one step closer to reclaiming the tourist charm the government so desperately desires.

The beautiful new property, located in the neighborhood of Petionville, opened its doors in the latter part of 2013. The area in Port-au-Prince has seen a swell of hotels since 2012. This addition, found on Rue Leon, adds to a list including the Best Western Premier, the Royal Oasis and the NH El Rancho. It is a fully equipped hotel with 23 rooms, all with full-sized beds, private bathrooms with air conditioning and cable TV. On the property are scenic gardens and a swimming pool. Adding to the convenience of the charming hotel, free Wi-Fi and an in-situ Haitian cuisine restaurant are offered.

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Infrastructure works Nerette and Morne Hercule

On 27 December 2013, President Michel Martelly visited the sites of Nerette and Morne Hercule (Petion-ville). These are the two of the first rehabilitated neighborhoods reconstructed after the devastating earthquake of January 2010, under the 16/6 project.

This government project is supported by the United Nations (UNOPS, UNDP, ILO, and OIM) for rehabilitating and rebuilding 16 neighborhoods that were seriously affected by the 2010 earthquake. The project is designed in a way to facilitate 5,000 families living in six camps to find their new homes. The Haitian President was accompanied by Ms. Jolicoeur Yvanca Brutus, the Mayor of Petion-ville, representatives from UN agencies and officials from the Unit of Housing Construction and of Public Buildings (UCLBP).

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Haitian Art Transforms Petion-Ville Luxury Hotel, Best Western

The new Best Western Premier hotel in Petion-Ville is the first upscale hotel to present the artistic talents of native Haitian artists. It took interior designer, Stacy Elliston, to envision a modern interpretation of Haitian folk art and fashion designer, Pascale Théard, to realize the vision.

Inside the hotel are displayed 622 pieces of art, created by 100 artists and artisans on the island, from places like Marmalade, Jacmel, Léogâne, and Croix-des-Bouquets. Some materials used are recycled drums, or natural materials such as hand-carved river stones. In each guest room hang paintings of rural scenes, made of cut-out banana leaves. Other recycled materials are cast-off aluminum made into statues, and clothing scraps turned into pillows. One of the most prominent pieces of artwork appears in the hotel entryway, a hand-embroidered tapestry based on a Voodoo flag. This inspired artwork was produced by Bel-Air artists living in poverty.

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New St. Therese Park Sports Center Now Open

Reconstruction of Haiti continues at a steady pace. One of the most recent completed projects is the remodeling of St. Therese Park of Petion-Ville. At the re-opening ceremony, President Martelly and First Lady Sophia attended the re-launching of the sports center.

Youth, Sports, and Civic Action Minister, Magalie Racine, spoke about the government of Haiti's commitment to establish sports arenas in all ten departments on the island. The new St. Therese Park Sports Arena holds 2,700 seats and includes a retail store, player and referee spaces, a meeting room, and snack bar.

Martelly spoke on his government's dedication to press on with reconstruction projects, targeted to improve school facilities. He said the population must be patient, while waiting for development projects to be implemented in their neighborhoods.

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