Discovering town of Terre-Neuve

Around 28,000 aborigines live in a municipality called Terre-Nueve in the Artibonite Department of Haiti. This town is part of the country's Gros-Morne Arrondissement and is the third order administrative division. Every square kilometer of the town is home to about 160 people. Doland, Lagoon and Bois Neuf are the three communes that form Terre-Neuve, which is one of the hilly and mountainous regions in the country. It also has dense forests while being close to the Caribbean Sea.


With the rich forests found in the town, Terre-Nueve residents are more into farming and agriculture. The main produce in the area are cotton, vegetables and tobacco. Aside from agriculture, the town is also involved in the mining industry, where workers mine copper, zinc and lead. However, the town makes sure that mining would not destroy the environment. As a matter of fact, "green" initiatives are being taken to protect and conserve the environment.

Many residents own mobile phones despite the town's lack of adequate telephone coverage. Mobile phones greatly help residents in communicating with each other, as well as those outside the town. Travel by air is not that much of a problem in Terre-Nueve because one can go to Cap Haitien Airport, which is 39 miles from the town.

People in Terre-Nueve usually enjoy a warm and sunny weather but the town also sees some rainy months. When it comes to celebrations, people always mark the Feast of Notre Dame de la Nativite de la Vierge on the 8th of September.

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