Dominicans Sending Tainted Flour to Haiti

Mysterious contaminated wheat flour from Dominican Republic. The ministers of trade and industry, public health, and agriculture issued a statement regarding imported flour sent by the Dominican Republic to Haiti. Their concern focuses on the very high levels of potassium bromate and azodicarbonamide that have been detected, injurious to humans. The ministries took immediate action, ordering the wheat flour supply off the market. It is deemed not acceptable for human consumption by sanitary and phytosanitary standards by the World Trade Organization (WTO) regulators. Further importations of the contaminated wheat flour will be subject to quarantine, until it is determined the shipment is in compliance with WTO regulatory standards.


Minister of Economy, Wilson Laleau, and Minister of Trade, Jude Herve Day, have issued a follow-up notice that states each exporting company needs to attach a Certificate of Analysis (COA) with each flour shipment entering Haiti customs. The COA must include the levels of food preservatives that are part of the manufacturing process. Some confusion still exists as to what the levels are of azodicarbonamide, while the levels of potassium bromate have been established.

Other problems with flour shipments from the DR include what brand the flour is, what exporting company it comes from, and what quantity has been shipped. Also unknown is the point of entry, and what distribution networks are being used to deliver the flour to which consumer market.

The DR's laxity in delivering a questionable quality of flour is only superseded by its prejudicial immigration policy against Haitians.

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