Marie-Denise Duvalier

The oldest daughter of Francois Duvalier and Simone Ovide Duvalier, also sister of former Haitian Dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier, Marie-Denise Duvalier has not been a popular figure. She has lived a quiet and very private life with her family.


I was reported that in April 1971, following the deat of her father Francois Duvalier, Marie-Denise Duvalier was one of the candidates who could have been the successor. Jean-Claude Duvalier fought hard not to become president. Instead, he made his preference known at the time that the presidency go to his older sister Marie-Denise Duvalier. This however did not fly well with the committee which his father's Interior Minister, Luckner Cambronne, was heading.

Other information obtained revealed that Marie-Denise Duvalier was at one point married to Max Dominique. History reported that Mr. max Dominique was seen as a threat to the Duvalier regime. He has long been accused of orchestrating the exile of a former head during Francois Duvalier regime, Lucner Cambronne.

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