Dany Laferriere, How To Make Love To A Negro Without Getting Tired

Haitian born writer Dany Laferrière has spent his career writing things that provoke. From his work in the weekly 'Le Petit Samedi Soir' to his first novel, 'How to make love to a Negro' (1987), Laferrière has carved his success with the blade of controversy, whether real or formulated.


He was born in Port-au-Prince as Windsor Kléber Laferrière on April 13, 1953. After growing up in Petit Goâve, he began working as a journalist until the late 1970's when the weekly he wrote in collaboration with Gaston Raymond most likely led to the murder of the latter. Laferrière felt it best to relocate to Canada.

From Quebec, Laferrière created his first book, which was the episodic narration of a young black man, immigrant to Montreal, and his dealings with Anglo women in the city. His other works followed the same draft of dealing with social issues like racism and stereotypes, sex and the dramatized politics of his home country.

Dany Laferrière published his first novelt in 1985 that was filled with controversy: , Comment faire l'amour avec un nègre sans se fatiguer (How To Make Love To A Negro Without Getting Tired) in 1985

While these were common threads that certainly formed the basis of Laferrière's voice as a writer, his premises and style have been as far apart as 1987's 'Éroshima', which chronicles the sexcapades of the protagonist with Japanese lovers amidst the bombing of Hiroshima, to 'Heading South' adapted into a French film, about three white women who go on a sexual tour to Haiti.

Giving perhaps a glimpse at the reason for the sexuality of his most famous works, Laferrière gave us 'Why must a Black Writer write about sex?' in 1994, a collection of essays in which he presents his thoughts on the culture of black people in entertainment.

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