Collective of Elected Mayors wants run-off election on January 17, 2016

Who said that Haitians are unable to organize themselves under a common cause? This will always happen specially when their individual interests are at risk. That is the case with the newly created political structure called Collective of Elected Mayors. Headed by Jean Gabriel Fortune, the group that has been elected under this recent dubious election in Haiti is comprised of more than one hundred people. They also appear eager to enter in function and have proposed a date already for the run-off presidential election which is January 17, 2016, hoping that the next president will still be installed on February 7, 2016. This new Collective of Elected Mayors doesn't think the actual commission of evaluation should destabilize the current situation and make big waves with their findings.


I only have one question for the Collective of Elected Mayors, would they feel the same way if they were not proclaimed winners by the CEP?

Haitian Kreyol:

Kolektif Majistra Eli vle dezyèm tou eleksyon fet 17 janvye 2016

Ki moun ki te di ke Ayisyen yo pa kapab òganize tèt yo anba yon koz komen? Sa a ap toujou rive espesyalman lè enterè endividyèl yo a risk. Se nan ka sa yo fèk kreye Kolektif Majistra Eli ki ap dirije pa Jean Gabriel Fortune. Se yon gwoup ki te eli anba eleksyon malachonn sa ki sot pase. Gwoup sa gen ladan plis pase yon santèn moun. Yo menm tou yo parèt anvi antre nan fonksyon. Yo fèk pwopoze yon dat deja pou dezyèm tou eleksyon prezidansyèl ki se, 17 janvye 2016, avèk lespwa ke pwochin prezidan an ap toujou enstale 7 fevriye 2016. Kolektif Majistra Eli panse ke komisyon sa pa ta dwe destabilize sitiyasyon aktyèl la epi pa fè gwo vag ak rezilta yo.

Mwen sèlman gen yon sèl kesyon pou Kolektif Majistra Eli yo, eske yo te ape pram minm pozisyon sa si se ta yo menm ki te victim?

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Subject: Collective of Elected Mayors wants run-off election on January 17, 2016 edit

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