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Gabriel Fortune promised to replace all latrines with flushing toilets in Les Cayes

On Monday, April 2, 2016 the former Senator Jean Gabriel Fortuné stated that once he become mayor of the city of Cayes, he will eliminate all latrines there and replace them with flushing toilets. He wants his city to be the first in the nation that will allow separation between the people and their excreta. Jean Gabriel Fortuné currently doesn't hold any official position. He is still hoping to be heading the municipality of Les Cayes which has not happened so far. The CEP has not published the results of the municipal elections in the area yet; however if the plan to replace all latrines with flushing toilets is implemented this will revolutionize the health sector of the city.

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Collective of Elected Mayors wants run-off election on January 17, 2016

Who said that Haitians are unable to organize themselves under a common cause? This will always happen specially when their individual interests are at risk. That is the case with the newly created political structure called Collective of Elected Mayors. Headed by Jean Gabriel Fortune, the group that has been elected under this recent dubious election in Haiti is comprised of more than one hundred people. They also appear eager to enter in function and have proposed a date already for the run-off presidential election which is January 17, 2016, hoping that the next president will still be installed on February 7, 2016. This new Collective of Elected Mayors doesn't think the actual commission of evaluation should destabilize the current situation and make big waves with their findings.

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A wave of Anti-government protest in in Cap-Haitian and Cayes

The population has been until recently very patient with the Haitian government. In the mean time, the Martelly - Lamothe government has been trying to get the economic engine of Haiti running but to little success so far. This week, the second largest city, Cap-Haitian, and the third largest city, Les Cayes, have demonstrated publically their frustration with the current government.

Hundreds of people took to the streets in the city of Cap-Haitian on Wednesday to protest against the deterioration of their living conditions. Some of the protesters denounced the recent behavior of the government, calling it continuous propaganda campaign

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