Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) To Maintain Electoral Calendar of Three Cycles

After years of delays, on March 12, 2015 (Thursday), Haiti's electoral council announced three dates for the Caribbean nation's long overdue legislative and municipal elections. The election of the two thirds of the Senate along with the entire lower chamber of deputies will be held on August 9, the presidential election will be held on Oct. 25 along with local and municipal elections and a final presidential run-off, if necessary, on December 27-- all in 2015. However, Thomas Adams, the Special Adviser to the US State Department for Haiti thinks a change in the electoral timetable by holding the election on two days instead of 'three' , the country could have saved around US$30 million, and moreover, it will give enough time to the Electoral Council to prepare properly for the forthcoming election.


However, in response over several discussions on the changes in the number of election days, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has said that it would maintain the electoral calendar of three cycles, published earlier. Recently, Pierre Louis Opont, the President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) along with six other councilors, during a press conference has provided an update on the financial, technical and logistical aspects of the ensuing electoral process and they have reaffirmed the earlier announced election calendar. Me. Opont has expressed his doubt about the fact that the U.S. special adviser had not well studied the figures and wrongly comprehends that reduction of one day election would save around US$30 million when the total cost of holding election on three days is about US$62 million.

Although, the U.S. Special Adviser Thomas has received good support from one of the leading presidential nominees, Jean-Charles Moïse representing one of Haiti's important contending parties, Platfom Pitit Dessalines, most other groups consider the comment of Thomas is a 'faux pas (social blunder)" committed by the U.S. And moreover, a last minute changes would cause more confusion and ultimately put the already fragile election process at more risk.

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