Energy Environment

The environment of Haiti is faced with huge problem. The total forest cover was approximately 2% in a country where 75% of energy demands were satisfied by wood fuel, and a lack of trees had in turn caused significant soil erosion.

Electricity Grid interconnection between Haiti and Dominican Republic

Haiti and the Dominican Republic have teamed up to improve both of the countries' power sectors. Haiti Energy Security Minister Rene Jean-Jumeau and Dominican Republic National Energy Commission Director Enrique Ramirez recently signed an agreement linking the two countries' power grid. Under the agreement, both parties will create a plan on how to boost the production of energy and lower the price of electricity to benefit the public.

The agreement is expected to help both Haiti and Dominican Republic to ensure energy security and deal with problems that may arise. If one faces a challenge in its energy security, the other would be there to help out. However, there are no specific details yet. Jumeau said an actual agreement will be made based on the countries' technical capabilities, access to funds and their social and commercial relations. The current agreement only touches on bilateral projects and relations with international organizations.

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Electricity of Haiti (ED'H), a Middleman for three private providers

The Electricity of Haiti (ED'H) is bothered by its expensive purchase of electricity from three private providers. According to reports, the public electric company has spent $440 million over the last five years in buying electricity from E-Power, Haytrac and Sogener. Up to $12 million is being shelled out each month to pay for 88 megawatts of electricity from the private providers. ED'H Director General Apollo Andress said it has been heavy to the company's pockets as it only receives around $5 million in monthly gross revenues. These high expenses forced the company to cut down on improving its infrastructure in order to meet its payment obligations, as well as led to a tax burden.

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In Six Months (by July 2013) Prime Minister Lamothe promised 24 Hour Electricity

The MOH community in Haiti will be provided with solar street lights and twenty fours electricity within six months time, as promised by Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. At Port-au-Prince, he promised that electricity distribution would be made for all, twenty four hours of the day.

As this really possible?

Strengthening The Electrical Sector

To achieve this, the energy sector, which has been one of the major concerns for the Haitian population, since ages, would be strengthened. The Prime Minister of Haiti had stated that the EDH or the Electricity of Haiti would supply eighteen hours of electricity and this promise was kept.

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Dutch company donate 10000 Waka Waka lamps to Haiti

A lighting and energy company of Dutch origin has promised to supply Haitians living in darkness with 10,000 lamps in form of a donation.

After the famous 2010 earthquake most Haitians are still living in darkness or using expensive and toxic kerosene fuel for lighting and energy.

The announcement comes as a relief to the needy citizens of Haiti who will now have access to the Waka Waka solar lamps from Off Grid Solutions. The donation will be done in parallel with the company's marketing campaign of the new lamp model. The new model consists of a solar lamp and a smart phone charger. The new Waka Waka lamps are essential for backpackers and people travelling.

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Green Energy Vocational Training to Start in Leogane Fall 2012

Among the many organizations devoting time, energy and funding to help Haiti re-develop and bring it into the 21st century is the University of Colorado at Boulder's (UCB) Mechanical Engineering Department. The department's project, offered to give graduate and undergraduate students experience in the field, is the design of a green energy vocational training program, for the Mon P'tit Village School in Léogâne, Haiti.

The UCB Sustainable Energy Team went on a fact-finding mission to Léogâne this January pas,t to discover what particular energy needs the local community has, and to design a curriculum to train the Léogâne instructors in green energy conservation. Alan Mickelson and Mike Hannigan, both professors of Mechanical Engineering, collaborated with two grad and three undergrad students to produce a certificate program in sustainable energy.

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Thunderstorm and Lightning Tips

The dangers of thunderstorms and lightning cannot be overlooked. People in outdoors need to be aware of the dangers lightning can cause.

When you hear the thunder, lightning is in your area. What causes thunder? When a high voltage lightning flash heats the surrounding air, the air is caused to expand. While it cools the air contacts. This fast expansion and contraction of air creates thunder. Thunder is basically sound waves.

You may not see lightning, but if you hear the sound of thunder it's there. Sometimes the lightning flash may be hidden by thick clouds. A common lightning safety rule states: if you hear it, fear it and if you see it, flee it.

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Haiti Creates its First Eco-Village by Chavannes Jean-Baptiste

We all know the well-worn adage, necessity is the mother of invention. And this truism certainly applies to the tens of thousands of survivors from Haiti's catastrophic 2010 earthquake. Hundreds left Port-au-Prince, the hardest-hit area in Haiti, and sought shelter, food, and water, in places like the rural village of Hinche, located in the Central Plateau.

Manuel Laurol is just such a survivor. He and his family arrived in Hinche and found a tent city run by Mouvman Peyizan Papay (MPP), who supplied their basic needs for several months. On returning to Port-au-Prince, Manuel encountered "people living in misery", himself remaining unemployed for several months. Eventually, he and his family returned to MMP. Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, MPP's president, and his staff decided to apply sustainable farming practices and green technology to a pilot program for a housing project, Eco-Village.

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Major Gold, silver and copper mines found in Trou du Nord, Haiti

There is a good chance that our beloved country of Haiti may say goodbye to it to its long history of poverty and misery.

Mining companies revealed that they have found at least 1 million ounces of gold at two sites in the region of Trou du Nord, in North of Haiti. Not only they found gold in Haiti, they also found silver and copper.

This precious metals worth potentially $20 billion.

According to the report, in April the first significant amount of silver ever reported in Haiti was found in the town of Trou du Nord located in the North region of Haiti. Mining companies estimated between 20 million and 30 million ounces of silver. Geologists suspect that more than 1 million tons of copper is waiting in the area of Trou du Nord in the area under exploration.

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A Haiti Biosphere Reserve Recognized at The UNESCO Meeting

For the first time in history, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has recognized Haiti by establishing a biosphere in the region of La Selle. This region is inhabited by about four percent of the Haitian population. The main economic activities taking place in this region include fishing, tourism, and handicraft and agro-forestry business.

The area was recognized due to the presence of vast mountains and plains coupled with dry tropical forest and a coastal environment. The biosphere is shared by both the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It is a stretch in the region of the Caribbean forming a kind of a corridor which is shared among the countries in the Caribbean.

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Lake Azeui Is Likely To Attract More and More Investors

While Haiti is trying hard to promote the tourism industry, a lot has to be done in order to make this goal successful. According to Dr Jean Orelien, a Haiti-American native, there is a lot of potential for investment in Haiti if only a good business environment will be created. He is one of the investors who are keen on investing in the tourism industry.

Jean Orelien is the chief executive officer at a healthcare firm at Scimetrica. He is hopeful that the economy of Haiti will be growing fast if the recent trend will be maintained. He said that with an economic growth of 8%, the country will be moving towards double in the next three years. The club has already started a security project plus there is more architectural work going on in this region. The aim of the project is to have as many people as possible applying for shares to the club in the US.

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