Enex Jean-Charles has made it as Prime Minister of Haiti

Things did not start well yesterday for Prime Minister nominee Enex Jean-Charles, but was successful at the end. Earlier on the day, the session in the Chamber of Deputies was not possible due to a lack of quorum. In the evening, he received a vote of confidence on his general policy in the Senate of the Republic. It was not until early morning on Friday (March 25) that the Chamber of Deputies had decided to approved the general policy of Prime minister Enex Jean-Charles with 78 deputies in favor, 1 against and 2 abstentions.


With the approval of his general policy by both Chamber of Deputies and the Haitian senate, the country finally has a new prime minister and a Ministerial Cabinet

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Haitian Kreyol:

Enex Jean-Charles reyisi kòm Premye Minis an Ayiti

Bagay yo pa t 'kòmanse byen yè pou Premye Minis kandida Enex Jean-Charles, men li te gen siksè nan fen an. Byen bonè nan jounen an, sesyon-an nan Chanm Depite a pa te posib akòz yon mank de kowòm. Nan aswè, li te resevwa yon vòt konfyans sou politik jeneral li nan Sena Repiblik la. Jouk denmen maten byen bonè nan Vandredi (25 mas) ke Chanm Depite a te deside apwouve politik jeneral Premye Minis Enex Jean-Charles ak 78 depite yo nan favè, 1 kont ak 2 abstansyon.

Avèk apwobasyon politik jeneral li pa tou de chanm Depite ak sena ayisyen an, peyi a finalman gen yon nouvo premye minis ak yon Kabinè

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Enex Jean-Charles has made it as Prime Minister of Haiti edit

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