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Privert/ Jean-Charles government increases in size

If you are living in Haiti and looking for a job, I suggest you contact the Haitian government. Unlike any other counties in the world, the Haitian government does not create the environment to facilitate the creation of businesses and jobs to its population. It does it directly by creating jobs for the citizens.

Here is a list of the latest figure in term of job creation by the Haitian government which is a list of 5 Secretary of states, 6 Directors, 4 Deputy Directors General and 15 Vice Delegates nominated by President Jocelerme privert and Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles :

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Rumor of Conspiracy, Enex Jean-Charles to replace Privert

According to Pierre Esperance, Executive Director of the National Network Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH), is currently opposed to his boss, Jocelerme Privert. Not only that the current Prime Minister doesn't see eye to eye with Haiti Provisional President, Jocelerme privert; Pierre Esperance revealed that the Prime Minister is conspiring with members of the Parliament to remove Privert and give him executive power.

By the way, I want to point out to you that according to the Haitian constitution, the President can't fire the Prime Minister once he is ratified by the National Assembly. Should we say this is a power grabbing opportunity for Prime Minister Enex jean-Charles?

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Pressure building for the removal of President Jocelerme, should he go?

According to Rony Celestin, Privert should hand the power over to Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles. Deputy Rony Celestin, of Creca La source is one of a growing list of Deputies and Senators asking for the resignation of Provisional President Jocelerme Privert. They are all asking for the Haitian President to hand over power immediately to his Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles who will be responsible to organize the elections.

Once again, the Haitian people are proving to the world that they are true to themselves and unique as a group. In Haiti, we halve a culture of conflict and it is likely to remain as such for many years to come. We do not make consensus on our differences because each of us is right while the other one is always wrong. We would rather die or have everything destroyed just to stay with our position.

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Privert, Jean-Charles transforming the government with 15 new appointments

The government of Jocelerme Privert and Enex Jean-Charles is moving aggressively to take control over the control of the government left by Michel Martelly. In a Decree scheduled to be made public today (April 11, 2016) the government has appointed 15 individuals to various sectors of the administration, including Minister, Secretary General, Directors General, Chief of Staff and Secretary General at the Primature.

Here is the completed list of the appointees:

Former Colonel Antoine Atouriste, appointed Minister of Defence

Paul Harry Voltaire, appointed Secretary of State for Territorial Community.

Garry Joseph Mazile, appointed Director General a.i. of the Ministry of Culture,

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Transfer of power between PM Evans Paul and Enex Jean-Charles

New Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles and 15 cabinet members were sworn in on Monday with the objective to get the electoral process going again. Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles was installed by provisional President Jocelerme Privert, followed by some of the cabinet position positions, including Minister of Planning and External Cooperation Avoile Fleurant, Minister of Justice and Public Security Camille Junior Edouard, and Foreign Minister Pierrot Delienne

Some activists were present at the ceremony of transfer of power between Former Prime Minister Evans paul and Enex Jean Charles to show their disatisfaction with the former Prime Minister. They have managed to interrupt the message Evans Paul was delivering. These activists who were demanding for his arrest were faced with later taken out by some agents responsible for the security

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Enex Jean-Charles ratified under pressure from International Community

Let's once again thank "Mr. Blanc" for his involvement in the internal affairs of Haiti and for making the nomination of a Prime Ministe possible. The session in the Chamber of Deputies for the ratification of the statement of General Policy of Prime Minister Nomnee Enex Jean-Charles was not possible as the majority bloc "Parliamentary Alliance for Haiti" (APH) were not yet satisfied with the deal. However, according to some reliable sources, it was not until some pressures came from members of the International community that they finally got into shape and decided to proceed with the ratification process. As a result, 78 deputies voted for, 1 against and 2 abstentions.

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Inauguration of government headed by PM Enex Jean-Charles this Saturday

A functioning government in Haiti can not wait any longer. This Saturday (March 26, 2016), President Jocelerme Privert will proceed in the inauguration of the newly formed government of Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles. However, several changes have been made in the membership of the cabinet to please some of the pro-Martelly supporters who are trying to protect him against accusations of mismanagement of funds from the public treasury during Martelly government.

Minister of Planning and External Cooperation: Me Aviole Fleurant

Minister of Justice and Public Security: Florence Élie

Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development: Finally, Pierre Edouard Laurore

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Enex Jean-Charles has made it as Prime Minister of Haiti

Things did not start well yesterday for Prime Minister nominee Enex Jean-Charles, but was successful at the end. Earlier on the day, the session in the Chamber of Deputies was not possible due to a lack of quorum. In the evening, he received a vote of confidence on his general policy in the Senate of the Republic. It was not until early morning on Friday (March 25) that the Chamber of Deputies had decided to approved the general policy of Prime minister Enex Jean-Charles with 78 deputies in favor, 1 against and 2 abstentions.

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Prime minister Enex Jean-Charles made public his Ministerial cabinet

Prime Minister nominated did not waste any time following his appointment to make public the the team he will be working with. Here is the new ministerial cabinet that will be part of the government of M. Enex Jean-Charles

Pierrot DELIENNE: a.i Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Defense;

Pierrot DELIENNE: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship;

Yves Romain Bastien: Minister of Economy and Finance;

Enex Mr. JEAN-CHARLES: a.i Minister of Planning and External Cooperation;

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Opposition already building against the nomination of Enex Jean-Charles

The minority Senators and Deputies of the bloc Alliance Parlementaire pour Haiti (APH) who are close to the political party PHTK rejected the nomination of Enex Jean-Charles for Prime Minister.

The leadders in the opposition, Gary Bodeau, Rony Celestin and Youri Latortue wanted for President Privert to select a Prime Minister between three people: Ericq, Mirlande Manigat and Edgard Leblanc Fils. They already predicted that Prime Minister Nominee Enex Jean-Charles will receive the same fate as his predecessor Fritz Jean.

What do you think?

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