Haitian Singer Jean Michel Daudier Is Dead

Haiti has now one more icon to mourn, one more to miss with the demise of singer/songwriter, Jean Michel Daudier. His death was announced on the morning it occurred, October 14th and it was a blow for the country that had united over the strains of his most popular song, Lem pa we soley la, released in the 1980's.


Jean Michel came into the world in 1957 as the newest member of a family already partial to the arts, filled as it was with poets and musicians. After an older half-brother of his left him his first guitar, broken as it was following a particularly rowdy night, Jean Michel learned to play at the young age of 15.

More than ten years after he first picked up a guitar and tried his hand at music, Daudier recorded a song he wrote for Radio Soleil, a Catholic Radio station, but the song, Lem pa we soley la, as a protest song in the era of Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, was too controversial for him to pin his name to it. It famously became an anthem sung by those who would raise arms against the dictator.

Distribution of Jean Michel's most famous song was done under the quiet, with no one sure who the singer was, running on the courage of those who were arrested for singing it on the streets of the capital following a concert for charity.

For his considerable contributions to music, Jean Michel Daudier, who died at the age of 56, will not soon be forgotten.

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