What is Craps and its Rules

Craps is a popular dice game which involves waging on the result of the rolling of a pair of dice. Despite the simplicity of the game, it has a series of rules that every player should follow.


The first rule to remember is rolling the dice involves only one hand and should not be taken outside the edge of the table. The next rule for the player, when rolling the dice and hitting on the table, is to hit the farthest wall located at the opposite end of the table. Sliding is prohibited as the dice should be tossed and be thrown not higher than the dealers' eye level.

Planning on where the dice shall end up in the table is quite tricky since it's very difficult to control. It should not hit the boxman's bank or the dealers' money stacks, as well as hitting a player or dealer, since this will most likely affect the result of the tossed dice.

While joining a craps game, there are also certain superstitions and traditions that are being followed by every player and dealer. First is that winning players should tip the dealer which involves simply tossing chips to the table and saying "for the boys". In terms of bad luck, there are two no-nos: first, saying the word "seven" and changing dice while in the middle of a roll. The number seven is considered to be putting bad luck to other players. That is why it is considered rude to say it.

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