Evans Paul will not be attending Fritz jean' investiture as new pm

Evans Paul gave a press conference to announce that he will not participate in the investiture of the new PM nominee, fritz Jean because the constitution was not respected in the nomination of the new prime Ministe


He said that his presence at this investiture would be to support this chaotic environment developing in the country

He also wished there is an agreement found between the executive and the legislative branch of government

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol

Evans Paul pa pral patisipe nan envèstitur Fritz jean 'kòm nouvo pm

Evans Paul te bay yon konferans pou li anonse ke li pa pral patisipe nan envèstitur pou nouvo PM, Fritz Jean paske konstitisyon an pa te respekte nan nominasyon li kom pwemye Minis. Li di ke presans li ta va yon sipò pou anviwonman chaotic sa ki ape devlope nan peyi a. Li vle ke gen yon akò ki jwenn ant pouvwa egzekitif la ak branch lejislatif gouvènman an

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Evans Paul will not be attending Fritz jean' investiture as new pm edit

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