Miss Haiti 2012 Christela Jacques Defends Her Title

Christela Jacques, recently crowned as Miss Universe Haiti 2012, is outraged by a petition circulated by her predecessor, Anedie Azael. The petition attacks the Miss Haiti Universe franchise owner, Magali Febles, and Christela.

Anedie charges Magali, resident of the Dominican Republic is incompetent in her duties. Magali answers Anedie is frustrated because her fiancé was unsuccessful in trying to wrest control of the franchise away from Magali.

It must noted here, contrary to Anedie's claims of Magali's incompetence, the reverse is true. The winner of the Miss Dominican Republic Universe title many years ago, Magali succeeded in making Haiti a participant in the Miss Universe Pageant again after its exclusion for over two decades.

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Haitian Fashion Designer Charles Dieujuste Introduces Spring/Summer

Charles Corvsky Dieujuste is Haitian fashion designer. Charles had grown up with the passion for art. He once told his mother that he wanted to be an artist but his mother did not encourage him at that age because she wanted him to study. Despite the discouragement, his passion grew day by day.

Charles was greatly influenced by his aunt who was a tailor. He decided to do a unique thing from what his family did. Though he did not attend any school to study fine art as he would have liked, he was able to design fashion. He worked up in a textile company and their home sewing productions. These two molded him into a fashion designer.

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Neomi Campbell organizes Fashion for Relief for Haiti

Supermodel Neomi Campbell is grabbing the attention by gathering some of the biggest international stars in designs, modeling and singing to participate in her Fashion for Relief Haiti for the earthquake victims. The Fashion for Relief Haiti event that was co-hosted by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.

Neomi Campbell took to the stage, followed by models, artists, wearing the latest dress creations by some of the internationally known designers.

Neomi Campbel organized two such events to raise money for the victims of Haiti earthquake. Her first event took place during New York Fashion Week and the second, to raise money for mothers and their new born in Haiti.

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