Launch of the 4th Edition of Miss Haiti 2016

Today, may 11, 2016 is the launch of the 4th Edition of Miss Haiti 2016. This event is taking place at Hotel Royal Oasis. The event will be an opportunity for the Committee to inform the pubic about the guidelines for registration.

The registrations will be accepted in 4 cites in Haiti: Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, Les Cayes and Jacmel and also via the internet for those young Haitian living abroad. The criteria to participate in the 4th Edition of Miss Haiti 2016: Young Haitian women 18 to 26 years, unmarried and without children. Also you must have completed Bac 2, have a valid Haitian passport and a certificate of good conduct

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Head Wraps New Fashion Statement

Haitian-American, Paola Mathe, has started a fashion trend, designing head wraps for women. Head wraps are nothing new; Haitian and African women have long worn colorful headdresses. Mathe, who has always worn head wraps, thinks it's about time the fashion world recognizes the inherent beauty of head wraps worn as a fashion statement. For this reason she began her business, Fanm Djanm, which means Strong Woman. A year in business, Mathe has also been designing jewelry and clothes, but the centerpiece of her enterprise remains head wraps.

She began her business with an Instagram account, in which she encouraged women to display photos of themselves in head wraps. Her research gave her ideas she used to develop her first line of head wraps. Her most innovative creation has been a multi-purpose head wrap with a variety of uses. Women have been turning them into neckerchiefs, belts, tops, and shirts.

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Haiti Fashion Week will promote Haitian Designers Internationally

Haiti Fashion Week, October 30 to November 2, 2014 Haiti Fashion Week (HFW) is celebrating its third annual event from October 30 to November 2, 2014 at Petion-Ville's Karibe Hotel Convention Center. The 2014 theme will emphasize how cultural heritage informs modern fashion. Projections are 10,000 people will participate in HFW.

Haiti has become a beacon of influence in the world of fashion in the Caribbean and Latin American regions. President and Founder of HFW Maguy Durce commented, ". . . Haiti Fashion Week continues to play . . . a critical role in building awareness about its potential internationally . . ." She added the fashion world is excited to be a part of the partnership with the forward-looking Haitian fashion industry. Durce, designer Maelle Figaro David, and Artist Director Michel Chataigne put together the event. The initiative of the Haitian Center for Business Support and Promotion and the Haitian, partnering with the Haitian Network of Designers, received sponsorship from the European Union to fund HFW, through its Programme European de Soutien aux Initiatives Culturelles (PESIC). PESIC will collaborate with Centre Haitien d'Appui et de Promotion d'Entreprises along with the Haitian and Mexican governments.

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Haiti fashion week from October 30th to November 2nd at the Karibe Hotel Convention Center

Following the success of the last Haiti fashion week, this year's iteration, slated to kick off in just over a month, promises to be the biggest, grandest, most fashionable one yet. Spanning four days from the end of October to early November, Haiti fashion week 2014 is slated to attract worldwide attention, offering bits of colorful, dramatic Haitian culture in every stitch.

The show is the country's answer to the New York fashion week, a major event in the fashion world internally, that takes place every September and draws people and the eyes of the world on New York City like flies to honey. Not by chance, but rather a cunning bit of planning, the run for this, Haiti's third such week of high fashion, will be from October 30th to the 2nd of November. Following so closely behind the bigger event, Haiti hopes to ride some of that momentum.

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Maguy Durce, Renaissance Woman and Haitian Fashion Force

Fashion designer, Maguy Durce, is a creative and political force to be reckoned with. She has been active not only in the field of fashion, but also as a public servant.

The year 2012 was an especially busy one for her. With European Union and institutional support, she organized Haiti Fashion Week in Miami. This event was a platform for Haitian fashion designers, which brought them attention from around the world. Durce also started a fashion design workshop with help from the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund.

The fashion industry in Haiti also named her "Personality of the Year" for her contributions to Haitian fashion. The international media was on hand for the event, celebrating her selection. Durce is not modest about receiving the honor, as she says "Honestly, I think I deserve it because I worked hard."

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From Law Enforcement to Fashion, Mario Andresol Fashion Show of Fine Clothing Line

I do not see the relationship. The former Haitian Police chief Mario Andresol has decided to go to fashion with new clothing line called "My Collection. According to Mario Andresol, this is a collection of clothing and underwear.

The Former Police Chief has developed a reputation in the eyes of many people as one of the best dressed public figures in Haiti.

Here is the video of Mario Andresol Fashion Show of Fine Clothing Line:

Andrésol had been the head of the PNH from 2006 to 2012 with two 3 year mandate renewed in 2009. He left his position as Chief of Police when his term ended on August 18, 2012. Godson Orelius be came the new Police Chief since.

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Haiti Fashion Week 2012 concentrated into tropic-centric creations

This was one of the few positive things coming out of Haiti recently. After disasters such as Hurricane, flood, political demonstration, it was refreshing to see this fashion show out of Haiti. Haiti held its first fashion week since the 2012 hurricane in Haiti.

We were able to enjoy the presentation of several dozen designers who were present to showed off their latest designs concentrated into a tropic-centric creations. Haiti Fashion show was able this time to show in the various styles the very strong culture that exists in Haiti.

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Quddus, Haitian Canadian MTV VJ and Model

He is one of the best VJ around the world. Quddus is a Canadian citizen but has resided in America as a citizen too where he has been in the music industry for quite some time now. He began as a radio presenter and programmer at his university where he was studying philosophy in University of Ottawa.

Quddus was a good student there and once he completed his studies he followed his dreams in the music industry where he tried various shows and applications. He finally landed on the competition for a VJ at the MuchMusic VJ Search. Quddus however became third and thus did not get the job. However a year later he got a job as the total request lives VJ at the MTV.

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Haitian Fashion Designer Charles Dieujuste Introduces Spring/Summer

Charles Corvsky Dieujuste is Haitian fashion designer. He had grown up with the passion for art. He once told his mother that he wanted to be an artist but his mother did not encourage him at that age because she wanted him to study. Despite the discouragement, his passion grew day by day. Dieujuste was greatly influenced by his aunt who was a tailor.

He decided to do a unique thing from what his family did. Though he did not attend any school to study fine art as he would have liked, he was able to design fashion. He worked up in a textile company and their home sewing productions. These two molded him into a fashion designer.

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Marjorie Vincent, Haitian Model

She is one of the women who have been over the years acclaimed to be the people to watch out for. Marjorie Vincent has had a successful career where she was a modeling person before getting settled on other areas of her interests.

Marjorie has over the years been able to get what she wanted by simply going for it any time she needed something. This is the main reason why she must have reached to where she is currently. She was born by Haitian parents after they had immigrated to the states. She was the first child to be born in America and as such she is an American. They lived in Illinois where the parents took them to school.

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