Faster, more accessible, secure E-passport for Haitians

Is this for real? or furthermore, is this possible? The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that the Haitian government promised to introduce a new biometric e-passport. What makes it strange to me is that the government promised that the new e-passport will be faster more secure and accessible.


The system will be connected with the FBI and Interpol in real time. Anyone who had any problem with "Uncle Sam" in the past or is thinking about not having a beautiful relationship with him, I have news for you. He will be looking at you.

According to the report, the way the E-passport will work is that each location will be connected to a central processing system. The central processing or Database will analyze the information and send back appropriate information to the the various locations.

How many hours a day will this network be up?

Is there any provision for a "Demarcher" to make money with this new E-passport system in Haiti?

I can guarantee you, there will be one soon

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Subject: Faster, more accessible, secure E-passport for Haitians edit

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