Leopard Haiti Fund (LHF), World's First Private Equity Fund in Haiti

Despite the 2010 earthquake which shook Haiti and brought its economy to a major low, the island nation has been recovering and developing in a surprisingly rapid rate. With the efforts of the government, the private sector, and foreign and international institutions, Haiti has been gaining its momentum and is slowly entering the competitive international market.


Haiti is the sole beneficiary of the world's first ever private equity fund established and administered by Leopold Capital, a successful and renowned investment management company based in the United States. The fund known as Leopard Haiti Fund (LHF), aims to raise a staggering 40 to 75 million U.S. dollars for the funding of different businesses in the country. It has recently been able to raise 20 million dollars, thanks to the International Finance Corporation, the Netherlands Development Finance Company, and the Multilateral Investment Fund.

The LHF prioritizes four of Haiti's primary sectors which are tourism, food processing, renewable energy, and affordable housing, in hopes that it will make a huge impact in the country's economy and provide for the welfare of Haitians. This will result to more job opportunities to the unemployed and will increase economic activity. Aside from these, Leopold Capital will also be hands-on in helping out businesses that have gained funding from the LHF in their operations to ensure good management, sufficient social responsibility, productivity, profit, employee satisfaction and other key elements for a successful business. The LHF is a huge starting point in empowering Haitians to make a better and successful future for Haiti.

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