Leopard Capital Gives Haiti its First Private Equity Fund

Leopard Capital has inked a deal with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to set up the first private equity fund to re-energize Haitian small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) wiped out by the 2010 earthquake.


With a goal of securing $40 to $75 million to re-capitalize Haitian businesses, the Leopard Haiti Fund (LHF) has attracted $20 million in funding from three development banks: IFC, LHF's senior partner, has invested $8.5 million; the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) $8.5 million; and Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) $3.0 million.

LHF will pour financing into four potential-growth areas: food manufacturing, sustainable energy, tourism, and low-income housing. The bulk of LHF's financial resources will help already-open businesses grow by re-capitalizing operations and restoring structural damage. A portion of LHF's investment funds will support SMEs and new businesses.

LHF has hired investment managers to oversee and administer the Fund. The financing team is a mix of native Haitians, or part of the Diaspora, with experience and skills in investment banking, regulatory compliance, private-equity, and operations. Working out of Port-au-Prince, the financing team will receive support from Leopard Capital's international finance team, veterans in developing business climates in weak economies, particularly Southeast Asia.

Leopard Capital, a limited partnership established in 2007, seeks investment opportunities in emerging foreign markets in sectors of telecommunications, food manufacturing, green energy, and micro-lending. Leopard Capital's CEO, Douglas Clayton, is optimistic about the potential for growth he sees in Haiti's business environment. He intends to show the global community that ". . . Haiti is open for business."

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