Guy Philippe threatened to remove Grand'Anse from Haiti

Guy Philippe is back. The former rebel army who contributed to the exile of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide is now making new threats. According to Guy Philippe, if a Transitional Government is put in place to replace following the departure of the Martelly government, he will remove Grand'Anse Department from the rest of the country. He criticized the CEP for the postponement of the January 24th election and concluded that the country can't function without a representative from his Department in the Senate. The only way he would allow a Provisional Government to take over is with proper representation from Grand'Anse.


Guy Philippe named in assacination of Congressman Dionald Polyte

Haitian Kreyol:

Guy Philippe menase pou retire Grandans nan Ayiti

Guy Philippe tounen. Ansyen Lame rebèl ki te kontribye nan ekzil ansyen prezidan Jean Bertrand Aristide kounye a ap fè menas nouvo. Dapre Guy Philippe, si se yon Gouvènman Pwovizwa ki mete pou ranplase gouvènman Martelly an, li pral retire Grandans Depatman de rès peyi a. Li kritike CEP a pou ranvwa eleksyon 24th janvye; li konkli ke peyi a pa ka fonksyone san yon reprezantan ki soti nan Depatman l 'nan Sena a. Sèl fason pou li ta pèmèt yon Gouvènman Pwovizwa se ak bon reprezantasyon ki soti nan Grandans.

Sa ou panse?

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Defilee Laplanche says...

Gon seri moun ki pap leve ti dwèt yo si se pa lòd yo resevwa.

Nou konnen se lòd G.P t ap egzekite lè li te mete ak etranje pou batay kont gouvènman pèp Ayisyen te chwazi nan premye eleksyon demokratik peyi a. Yon lòt fwa ankò lap mete l nan pozisyon pou l batay kont pèp la. Sa pa dwe sezi pèson. Viv pèp Ayisyen an ki pa sou zòd pèson. Viktwa se pou pèp k ap

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Anorve Belizaire says...

Se pa sa mwen

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