Imagine United States of America without Louisiana, say thanks to Haiti

In 1802, the United States found out Spain secretly ceded the Louisiana Territory to France. US president Thomas Jefferson felt that was a threat since the produce of three-eighths of the territory must pass through New Orleans to get to market.


After the Haitian revolution, Napoleon felt that France no longer needed to use New Orleans as a port to supply or defend the Caribbean colony. Also the war in Saint-Domingue(Haiti) had taken the live of more than 40,000 French soldiers. A historic deal was struck to sell the Louisiana Territory where the US paid $219 million in today's dollars to France for the acquisition of 828,800 square acres and control of the Mississippi

What makes the Louisiana Purchase so important is that not too many people could imagine the United States without Louisiana

How different the United States would be if the nation's western boundary stopped at the Mississippi River?

How would the economy of the US works?

Many Americans today might not have even been Americans without the Louisiana Purchase.

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